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ADK North provides all levels of Water, Rope, Ice, and Animal rescue.  We follow NFPA standards outlined in NFPA 1670 and 1006.  Our introduction includes awareness, operations, and technician levels.  All training is credential through Rescue 3 International.  Rescue 3 has proven to be the world leader of Water and Rope education since 1979.  Their courses are designed for the rescue professional.  ADK North can also tailor a program to meet your agency's needs.

We also welcome meeting new individuals and reviewing your Agency's risk assessment.  This will allow us to make suggestions on training that would enhance your current program and better prepare you to serve your community.  ADK North will build on your agency's strengths while identifying possible weaknesses that can be addressed. 

Our goal is to provide you with new ideas, techniques, and solutions, for you to present to your specific agency.  Training is conducted in a challengin environment.  This is not done to overwhelm students, but to make sure they are not left with a false sense of security in the future.  We firmly believe in creating a positive learning experience in which students can gain knowledge in a safe manner, meet new friends, and have a little fun.

Below is a brief outline for the courses that are offered:
Water Courses
Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1

This is ADK North's most popular course.  The SRT1 course teaches the fundamentals of self survival in moving water(both swiftwater and flood water) and recommended for anyone who may be called upon in a water rescue.  Instruction includes knowledge in water hydrologyand river classifications, size up, site control and scene management.  Two days of practical skills include self rescue, swiftwater swimming, shore rescues, boat and in water rescues, and rope skills required to perform difficult rescues.  Students also gain knowledge in basic boat handling in a swiftwater environment.  We will review your agency's assessment needs and stress the areas that will most benefit your program.  There is much discussion on flood water rescue, and the comparing of swiftwater and flood water.  We will identify some common hazards of both and outline some different challenges faced in flood water.

The SRT1 class provides the foundation of the Swiftwater Technician training level.  Swiftwater Technician is a mandatory training level for inclusion on a Federal Emergency Management Agency Swiftwater/Flood Search and Rescue Team at all levels.

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced

This course integrates techniques taught in SRT1 and TRR: TL, moving from emphasis on self rescue to concentrate on victim rescue.  We expose students to increasing complex water rescue situations including a full scale multi-patient night river rescue drill.  This class includes a half day of classroom instruction and two-and-half days of in-water skills.  Students will utilize various skills in river and flood rescue, including: rope systems, manangement of litter & patient raising systems, highline systems, advanced search concepts, performing rescues at night or low light, and basic flood disaster management.  Students enrolling in this class must be confident with their rope and basic water skills.

Awareness: Water & Rope Rescue

This course introduces all agency personnel to hazard recognition, rescue response activation guidelines and site control issues associated with water and rope rescue.  The course will develop knowledge in scene assessment, incident size up and scene management in association with many types of flood situations.  This instruction is lecture based with no field work.  We will also identify specialty equipment used in such rescues.  Our goal in this program is to educate agency perssonnel to identify the needs required for all rescue situations to activate the apropriate resources.

Operations: Swiftwater First Responder

We instruct students with both theory and practical knowledge of the basic operations of water rescue.  This class will include one day of classroom instruction and one day of in-water training.  Students are trained in hazard assessment, self rescue, equipment use, shore line rescue, and other water rescue skills.  After completing this course, students will be able to perform shore based rescues and support technician level rescuers in higher risk technical water rescue.  We also tailor the program to your agency's assessment needs.  We provide knowledge in flood rescue and give instruction in the hazards associated with flood water as compared in rivers and streams.

Ice Rescue
Ice Rescue Technician

This course teaches students rescuer safety skills, self-rescue techniques, pre-planning for and size-up of ice rescue incidents and rope skills required for effective use.  This course meets the requirements of NFPA 1670 sections of water rescue.  We provide instruction on specialty equipment used in ice rescue. We also provide students with knowldege in understanding ice properties, formations, types, and hazards.  We will review your hazard assessment of your community and protection district.  We will then tailor our program to your agency's needs.  We have specialized in swiftwater/river rescue during the winter months and provide a very challenging environment.

Technical Rescue Courses
Technical Animal Rescue

This course teaches students how to rescue animals without becoming a victim yourself.  We cover rescuer safety, animal behavior in a disaster environment, basic first-aid for animals and how to extricate and safely transport animals in a flood or low angle environment.  Students include Firefighters, EMT's, Vet Techs, Animal Enforcement and Rescue, K-9 units and Law Enforcement.  This program is extremely interactive, we use established knowledge of our students to assist in out presentations and hands on drills.

Technical Rope Rescue: Operation Level

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of rope rescue in a low angle environment.  Students learn and practice skills like pre-planning and size-up of rope low angle rescue.  Skills include rescue operations, knots, anchor systems, belay operations, ascending/descending, mechanical advantage systems, patient packing & litter attending.  Students learn how to safely navigate low-angle or over-the-bank rescue situations and assist rescuers trained in high-angle rescues.

Technical Rope Rescue: Technician Level

Living in the Northern part of the Adirondack Mountains, this is our favorite class to instruct.  This course is designed to start with very mild over-the-bank rescues to more challenging vertical scenarios, and finish with highline rigged over natural gorges.  Students will learn and practice such skills as pre-planning, size-up and scene management, ascending and descending, belaying, mechanical advantage systems, lowering and raising systems, patient packaging and litter attending, tethers and highline.  This intense course is taught over five days, splitting the days into two sessions, which has proven to be very beneficial.  Our program builds on skilled learned one day, and creates an amazing level of confidence in our students.

Completion of the TRR: TL class satisfies the requirements in NFPA 1670 for Technical Rope Rescue Technician level training.  In addition as stated in SRT1, this level of training is mandatory for inclusion on many Federal and State Emergency Management Agency Teams.

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